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Atkins Diet Menu

Atkins Diet Menu - Helping You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Atkins diet menu provided here help you to achieved weight lose without restricting your calorie intake.  Atkins diet by restricting your carbohydrate intake thus triggering what is called fat metabolism.   In one of the study published in Journal of Adolescent Health 2000.  A group of obese adolescents were put on a controlled carbohydrate diet with no restriction on calories for 3 months.  Their weight loss is compare with control group of low fat diet.  The results?   Well naturally the group on atkins diet menu with low carbohydrate intake lost significant more weight compare to the group on low fat diet. 

Provided here is 2 sample atkins diet menu to help you to lose weight without resulting in hunger and craving. 

Sample 1 Atkins Diet Menu - 1250 Calorie

Fried egg and bacon. Plus a cup of decaff coffee with single cream.

Chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella and 170g mixed lettuce leaves tossed with olive oil.

8oz pan-fried rump steak served with 80g spinach topped with soured cream.

2 slices ham.

Nutrition information
1245 calories


Atkins Diet Menu - 1800 Calorie

Tuna Salad (1cup), 1/2 Grapefruit, Decaf Coffee

Grilled Chicken (light meat, 6oz), Small Green tomato salad with Salad Dressing.

Rib Steak (6oz), Summer Squash (1/2 cup), Small green and Tomato Salad with Salad Dressing.

Almond (1oz), and Cucumber (1/2 medium)

 Nutrition information
1800 calories


Key Point Of Atkins Diet Menu:

The atkins diet menu provided above will help you trigger fat-metabolization thus triggering continous weight loss.



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