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Atkins Diet Food Pyramid

Learn how atkins diet food pyramid and how to lose weight with atkins diet food pyramid

Atkins Diet Food Pyramid - Atkins diet food pyramid described the food allow under atkins diet.  Atkins diet food pyramid differ from other USDA food pyramid. Beef, fish, tofu, egg and chicken are all protein sources which are at the atkins diet pyramid's base. Your diet must have these foods, on a regular basis. The second tier of atkins diet food pyramid are salad greens, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and asparagus, which are low glycemic vegetables. Avocado and berries form the third tier. After the early stages of the diet, fruits should be eaten occasionally. A few things to be used sparingly are seed and vegetable oils, legumes,cheese, dairy and nuts . The Atkins diet food pyramid puts foods based on whole grains in the peak, while the FDA pyramid has fats and oils in this place. The mainstay of Atkins diet is not the whole grain foods, but protein.   

According to atkins diet if you eat according to atkins diet food pyramid you will  feel less hungry and less deprive than may other diets.  In fact one of the reasons the Atkins diet was popular in the 1970s and has become popular again today is because atkins diet food pyramid allows dieters to eat more of the food most diets restrict or would never even allow under a normal low carb or low calorie diet.  Atkins diet believed that problem of overweight in today society is caused by refined carbohydrate which include sugar, white flour products and junk food.  These high refine carbohydrate and process food is the main caused of obesity as it create a problem called insulin resistant.  This is the reason why you feel tired and have low energy level.  As such atkins diet pyramid actually encourage you to consume more protein instead of carbohydrate. 

atkins diet food pyramidUnlike the traditional food pyramid, the Atkins diet food pyramid places dietary emphasis on protein sources as opposed to whole grain foods. Emphasis on protein is not something new in atkins diet food pyramid, protein in original Greek means "of first important".  The ancient Greek got it right protein which form the base of atkins diet food pyramid is the basic building block of life and essential for almost every chemical reaction in human body.  Food rich in protein recommended by atkins diet food pyramid include meat, fowl, fish, eggs, contain almost no carbohydrate. 

Atkins diet food pyramid placed special emphasis on avoiding refine carbohydrate such as white flour, sugar and starch.  Although such carbohydrate provide quickest energy sauce, it is not suitable for us as it contain almost no other nutrient.  Although atkins diet food pyramid place less emphasis on refined carbohydrate it does encourage dieter to consume wide variety of vegetables which do contain some carbohydrate but they also contain high level of fiber, vitamin and mineral that is beneficial to your body.

Main reason that atkins diet food pyramid is so popular is it doesn't set limits on the amount of food you eat.  It only sets limits on the type of food you eat. For example, you cannot eat white rice or foods made with white flour like cake or pasta, but you can eat a large amount of fish, poultry, red meat, eggs and cheese. These atkins diet food are made up mostly of protein.  Another reason why atkins diet is popular is it is easy to practise.  Atkins diet don't required you to count calories.  You generally consume less energy as protein contain less energy as compare to carbohydrate. 

Since the Atkins diet occurs in four phases, what you can eat will differ slightly in each phase. As you go through the phases, you are allowed more and more carbohydrates, but they should consist mostly of fiber-rich carbohydrates like leafy greens and certain vegetables. White rice, white bread, potatoes and pasta made from "white" or processed flour should only be consume in small amount according to atkins diet food pyramid.



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